In summary this is what ais provides:

For some clients the presentation of concept designs has become almost important as the final drawings which means that Advanced Integrated Solutions also needs to monitor trends and the latest developments. Knowing how best to extract the most from your systems and CAD systems, whilst ensuring that all the documents generated can be rapidly and correctly filed and just as easily found even years later are also key objectives of our consultancy advice.

All the training that we undertake is on-site using your workstations. This means less cost and more time spent with the people to be trained. At the same time we gain a more accurate picture of what the key issues are, imbibe your design culture and provide practical advice to individuals within your team. If on-site training is not possible, we can also recommend professionally managed training facilities throughout the UK should you prefer this alternative.

We match your requirement with a talented individual[s], skilled in the particular software that you wish to introduce or improve the efficiency of the process of an existing one. Advantage Integrated Solutions understands the way designers work and always introduces efficiency particularly with regard to the streamlining of repetitive tasks.