To assist you in your decision making we have written some White Papers that reflect current thinking and the state of the art of design and subsequent drawing and document management.

  1. The integration of CAD software solutions to bring about increased efficiency must be the goal of anyone charged with the remit to produce design but one is reminded of the fact that many architects remain at their workstations late at night because of deadlines imposed upon them by for a variety of reasons.

  1. Order from Chaos when a vast array of drawings and documents are compiled for an important project it is vital to ensure they are filed in a logical way allowing you to recover them quickly. When changes are made to a drawing the same applies, all concerned need to be provided with the latest version avoid costly mistakes.

  1. The advantages of BIM there is currently a wide ranging debate taking place as to the role of designers be that engineers or architects in the development of Building Information Modelling not just as a 3D design tool but for the comprehensive what if type of analysis of anything from the structural to its energy performance.